Meet Our Team

Shelly Dutch

CSAC, ICS - Founding Director

Shelly Dutch has been dedicating her life work to young people and their families for almost 30 years. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her dedication to the alcohol and drug problem in our society. She is certified at both the state and national levels, and emphasizes mentoring and service as the key to recovery...

Tim Bautch

MA, LPC, CSAC, ICS - Clinical Director

Tim has worked in the field of substance abuse/mental health for 16+ years in inpatient, outpatient, residential and correctional settings. He believes people know what they need to do to become healthy, however need assistance through positive relationships.

Skye Tikkanen


Skye specializes in working with teens and those suffering from opiate dependence. She believes that people change from their strengths and resiliencies not their weaknesses. Skye encourages family involvement in the treatment process and connections to sober peers as the keys to recovery. She facilitates the mentor program and is a tireless advocate for overdose prevention. Skye is passionate about recovery and believes living life sober is living life to the fullest.


Krystle Haviland

LPC, CSAC, Asst Clinic Director

Krystle is currently working as a licensed mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor and co-assistant clinic director and manages Connections UW affiliated programs. Krystle brings a vast experience working with teens and adults struggling with a wide range of mental health and substance use concerns. From a holistic and person-centered approach, Krystle recognizes barriers that may be present when counseling individuals from diverse backgrounds. She believes it is within the context of a person-to-person connection that each client experiences growth. Krystle is a EMDRIA trained and active EMDR practitioner.

Leslie Taylor


Dr. Leslie Taylor is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in clinical research and medication management of psychiatric disorders. She has over 20 years of experience in treating adults, and adolescents.

Cory Divine

MA, CSAC, LPC-IT, IOP Director

Cory works primarily with teens and young adults through the process of change. He believes in the strength of individuals, but also in the power of group thoughts as a means of transformation. He is also a musician who performs in a successful band, which has received recognition in Rolling Stone Magazine, and has toured nationally.


Patrick Nichols


Patrick has over 22 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. He has worked in various settings - inpatient and outpatient, AODA and mental health clinics, domestic violence treatment and private practice. He will bring his years of experience doing interventions to Connections Counseling, and help families shepherd their loved ones into an appropriate treatment setting.

Vickie Mulkerin


Vickie works with people of all ages and identities who are struggling in their lives with depression, anxiety, substance and alcohol use issues, trauma or loss. She believes everyone has the ability to grow and heal, and that her role is to help clients find their own path toward a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Joe Kuehn


Joe currently is a licensed mental health and substance abuse counselor. He started his own journey of recovery in 2007 at Connections Counseling and has continued to learn, grow and give back in the years since. Joe has experience working with a wide variety of ages, cultural and economic backgrounds. He believes that people who were once deemed "hopeless" in their struggles with mental health and substance use disorders, can become hopeful. Joe holds a BBA in Marketing and Finance, and a Master of Arts in Counseling with a Community Counseling emphasis. In addition to being a counselor, he is responsible for community outreach where he organizes and participates in speaking panels for schools, organizations and conferences.

Mary Kay Aide


Mary Kay has over 25 years working with individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings and organizations, such as day treatment for youth, community mental health, employee assistance consulting, and private practice. She has a master’s in Rehabilitiation Counseling, with an emphasis in AODA issues, is a Professional Certified Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor. Mary Kay brings a solution-focused and strength based philosophy to her work with couples and families that help her clients move forward in a healthy, positive direction.

Chuck Callender

Practice Manager

Chuck is responsible for Connections non-clinical business activities. Chuck brings decades of corporate experience with a strong personal understanding and compassion for the importance of what we do for the patients Connections serves and their families. Chuck also serves on the Recovery Foundation board of Directors.

Shannon Adamczyk


Shannon is dually licensed for both mental health and substance use and has been a member of the Connections counseling family since 2014. Shannon works primarily with young adults, college students, and teens and is involved in individual work, group counseling, as well as UW-Madison BASICS, CASICS, and CHOICES programs. She has experience working with a wide range of issues […]

Sara Jordan


Sara Jordan has been a certified counselor 15 years and a board certified art therapist since 2004. Her focus is working with individuals, couples and families addressing the challenges of substance abuse/dependence as well as anxiety, depression and trauma. Sara helps clients to discover and utilize their present resources and to nurture new resources available to them at Connections Counseling and in our community. She has an advanced graduate studies certificate in expressive arts and believes strongly in the healing power of the arts. Sara is working on her PhD in Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School in Switzerland.

Alex Kress


  Alex brings enthusiasm and compassion to understanding and working with individuals with mental health and substance concerns.  Alex practice emphasizes working with college students, adolescents and young adults.  Alex is an avid muscision and a founding member of the bi-weekly music group at Connections.

Jennifer Pitzo


Jennifer serves clients in both mental health and substance abuse counseling and has family therapy experience.  She enjoys working with clients from all walks of life and believes a holistic approach is very important in supporting clients to make lasting changes.  Jennifer loves working with teens and has been working with this population in varying forms since 2008.  She is currently pursuing a national certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive […]

Pete Meagher


Dr Pete Meagher is a full time professor who offers his expertise and passion part time at Connections. Pete teaches in a clinical social work program and specializes in mindfulness based approaches to treating anxiety, depression, trauma and dually diagnosed clients. Pete uses a unique approach to help clients discover and own their strengths to […]

Beth Horikawa


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This question from Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day” is what inspires me personally and professionally. I have worked with at-risk/under-served youth for over 30 years as a high school/college English teacher and a long-time volunteer in youth detention. […]

Hadeel Hasan


Hadeel assists adolescents and adults struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.   She works closely with Connections University of Wisconsin affiliated programs, BASICS, CASICS and Choices. Hadeel is very passionate about a person-centered and holistic approach when treating clients of diverse backgrounds.

Emily Ricter


Emily works with individuals, adults and couples on issues including anxiety, depression, self esteem, trauma, grief and loss, addiction, life transitions, interpersonal relationships and parenting. Emily believe that change happens most effectively in the context of relationship and views the relationship between client and therapist to be one of the most important pieces of successful […]

John Weibel


John is a dually credentialed counselor focused on mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling. John has been practicing since 2010 and has a passion to help improve treatment outcomes for persons with diverse backgrounds.  John has substantial experience with adolescents and adults.  John is an EMDRIA trained and active EMDR practitioner.

Brooke Mulcahy


Brooke enjoys therapeutic work with people from all walks of life, especially adolescents and young adults who are struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. She has a background working in a variety of inpatient and outpatient programs and a foundation in DBT.  Brooke believes in empowering clients through a person-centered and strengths-based treatment approach.

Polly Sackett


Polly Sackett is a National Board Certified Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Grief Support Specialist. Polly’s counseling approach is person-centered and incorporates humanistic, holistic, and recovery model techniques. Polly works with adolescent and adult clients as well as individuals and couples. Polly’s areas of specialty are grief and loss, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. Polly values people from all […]

Sue Moran


Sue has been providing therapy for over 25 years, and has worked in administrative and supervision roles for over 15 years.   She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor and a Certified Trauma Specialist.  She specializes in working with adults who have experienced trauma, and integrating trauma healing with recovery from substance […]

Kim Hurd

Mentor Coordinator, CCAR Recovery Coach

Kim is a woman in long-term recovery, passionate about mentoring others to a path of long-term, sustainable recovery through multiple physical, mental, and spiritual pathways.  At Connections, Kim has primary responsibility for the MARI program providing innovative diversion to treatment for opioid offenders referred by Madison Police Department.  The MARI program utilizes Certified Recovery Coaches […]