OWI Driver Safety Plan

So you’ve been convicted of an OWI Offense. Now what?

An OWI conviction is a serious offense that carries with it severe ramifications. Failure to comply with court orders, including an alcohol assessment and substance abuse counseling, can result in financial penalties, revocation of driving privileges, and possibly further incarceration. Beyond the judicial consequences, an OWI conviction may be a sign of underlying issues such as drug and alcohol addiction. Connections Counseling helps our clients overcome substance abuse issues and facilitate the fulfillment of their legal obligations that are the result of an OWI conviction, including a Driver Safety Plan and Individualized Treatment Plan.

Driver Safety Plan and AODA Assessment

An OWI conviction in Wisconsin typically requires offenders to complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment (AODA) and a Driver Safety Plan. As a Wisconsin DOT approved Driver Safety Plan provider, Connections Counseling helps clients navigate this process and complete mandatory treatment.

The Road To Recovery: Completing Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Upon completing an assessment at a designated assessment facility (for Dane County residents, Journey Mental Health Center fills this role) you are provided two forms:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Order for Assessment and Driver Safety Plan Report

Bring these two forms with you during your intake appointment at Connections Counseling.

During your intake appointment, we will gather information from you and assess the level of care and services required to reach a successful outcome.

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

In order for you to successfully complete the Driver Safety Plan, it’s critical for clients to be aware of what is being asked of them. At Connections Counseling, we make sure our clients are included in the decision making process by:

  • Completing the Individualized Treat Plan together
  • Encouraging clients to state the goals they wish to achieve from their program
  • Providing clients the opportunity to express their needs and wants as part of their treatment plan

Once completed, your primary therapist at Connections Counseling will mail your Individualized Treatment Plan back to the referring designated assessment facility.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Because we approach treatment on an individual basis, the length of a treatment program varies depending on the person and their situation. A typical Driver Safety Plan requires anywhere from 1-12 months of treatment, in addition to reaching a period of sobriety from all substances.

Services Available

Services we offer to those completing a Driver Safety Plan include:

  • Individual sessions
  • Substance use support groups
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) group
  • Mental health groups (i.e. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, meditation, etc.)
  • Psychoeducation surrounding addiction

Upon successfully completing their Driver Safety Plan, clients receive a copy of their completed Individualized Treatment Plan. Your primary therapist will then reach out to the referring facility to notify them of your successful completion.

Connections Counseling is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for clients where they can reflect on their relationship with substances. If you are interested in completing your Driver Safety Plan through Connections Counseling contact our staff at (608)-233-2100 or info@connectionscounseling.com.

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