Mentorship Program

Connections Counseling mentor program is at the core of our mission and philosophy. Fifteen years of mentor leadership has provided a mentor model for programs around the country. The innovative mentor program at Connections is a critical component contributing to successful and sustained recovery and anxiety reduction for new and established clients. Mentors at Connections are individuals with demonstrated progress and stability in their recovery and a commitment to voluntarily assist other clients in early recovery. Mentors support and contribute to various therapy groups as well as organizing and participating in frequent sober activities outside the clinic. Additionally mentors are available to transport new patients to 12 step and other community support groups. Research shows active involvement and participation in treatment for a year or more enhances the chances of successful long-term recovery. This program provides a structured, positive platform for such valuable and life altering participation without cost to the mentors and at great benefit to others in early recovery.

In 2014 Connections was asked to present their mentor program at the National Conference of Addictions in St. Louis.