Connections Counseling, LLC is a certified outpatient drug/alcohol and mental health clinic

Connections Counseling is a unique and strength-based outpatient clinic focused on creating a safe and supportive environment for young people, families, and adults to find a recovery community conducive to hope and healing. The foundation of our program is a model of mentoring and giving back to others. Clients find they are not alone and find acceptance and support to address their personal struggles. They begin the process of healing by moving forward and beginning to trust and work toward finding their passions. Connections Counseling was founded by Shelly Dutch in 2002 and is now a wholly owned division of Rosecrance Behavioral Health.

Connections Counseling provides services for adolescents ages 16 and older, young adults, adults, and families.

With over a century of success, our partner Rosecrance provides services to complement the outpatient offerings at Connections Counseling. Rosecrance’s medical and clinical teams have developed outcomes-based programs that take a holistic approach to treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, making them one of the nation’s leading providers of behavioral health treatment, including residential treatment services in Illinois and Iowa.



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