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Choices About Alcohol is a brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program for college-enrolled students involving interactive journaling. The program involves two 90-minute, facilitated classes. Throughout Choices About Alcohol, students are presented with information, and then they are able to reflect on what they have learned as it relates to their choices about drinking in their personal journals.
Choices About Alcohol is presented in a non-confrontational manner that enables students to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption. Because the central focus of Choices About Alcohol is to help students make informed choices, the journal is set up to provide participants with information, and then they are asked to apply what they have learned in a series of self-reflective questions.


Please read the details provided on registration. The CHOICES course requires you complete documentation that you can download below.


  • Cost: $125
  • The individual must attend both classes as scheduled to successfully complete the program.
  • Payment in full ($125) is required to reserve a place in the Choices About Alcohol section and is non-refundable.
  • Payment by check and/or cash is only accepted at Connections Counseling, LLC and will not be accepted at the Choices About Alcohol class.
  • If paying by cash or check, individuals must register at Connections Counseling, LLC; otherwise his/her seat will NOT be reserved.
  • If an individual is absent from any group as scheduled, he/she will be required to re-register for Choices About Alcohol and provide $125 in full, again.


Required forms

Please bring your Compliance Form, provided to you by your UW-Madison referrer (i.e., Dean of Students, Housing, UHS, Farm and Industry Short Course), to the first Choices About Alcohol session, in order to provide evidence of completion.
Please print and bring additional copies of the Compliance Form (link below) to the first Choices About Alcohol session, if evidence of completion is needed for additional referral sources (i.e., attorney, court system) and/or a personal copy of the Compliance Form is desired.

FAQ About BASICS & Choices of Alcohol

Who may be required to enroll in Choices About Alcohol and/or BASICS?

Students who are involved in an alcohol-related violation of University policy may be required to attend either Choices About Alcohol or BASICS as a condition of their formal misconduct sanction. Students or non-students may also be referred to Choices About Alcohol and/or BASICS from area court systems, attorneys, and/or other referral sources.

What is the difference between Choices About Alcohol and BASICS?

Choices About Alcohol ($125) is a group experience with 8-12 college-enrolled students and consists of two 90-minute sessions. Choices About Alcohol is for college-enrolled students who are involved in first-offense violations that do not have a serious circumstance. Group sessions are facilitated by trained facilitators. In the sessions, students will be provided an opportunity to examine their academic, emotional, and physical well-being in a manner that facilitates better choices in the future.

BASICS ($125) involves two one-on-one sessions (sessions scheduled two weeks apart) with a trained BASICS facilitator.  BASICS is for repeat violations or any violations involving very serious circumstances such as transports to Detox/ER and/or disorderly conduct. In the sessions, the student will have a structured opportunity to assess his or her individual risk and identify potential changes for the future, and is intended to reduce the potential harms that are associated with high-risk drinking. BASICS is also appropriate for college-aged individuals not currently enrolled in a university institution, who may have been referred from the court system, attorney, or other party.

How are individuals referred to Choices About Alcohol or BASICS?

Choices About Alcohol and BASICS are the standard educational condition for alcohol-related violations of University policy. Students will receive written notice from the Dean of Students or a Residence Life staff member responsible for their conduct case informing them of the requirement to attend either Choices About Alcohol or BASICS. Students are required to complete the program within a 6-week period. Students or non-students may also be referred to Choices About Alcohol or BASICS from area court systems, attorneys, and/or other referral sources.

How do I enroll in a Choices About Alcohol section?

Choices About AlcoholClick here to enroll

How do I enroll in a BASICS section?

BASICS: (608) 233-2100 Ext. 10

What students have said about Choices About Alcohol

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