We are approved by UW Madison for

BASICS and Brief Marijuana Assessments


Adolescent specific IOP

Connections Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is specifically designed for individuals who need more intensive treatment than traditional outpatient programs. IOP is also an excellent transition from residential treatment.


Connections Counseling offers a variety of groups to meet the needs of all ages, gender and specific areas of focus. Group duration is typically a duration of at least 90 days with options to continue or become a group mentor.

Groups provide positive group support ranging from recovery, anxiety, depression and other co-occurring topics. As our clients attend groups, they have opportunities to decrease isolation, increase social connections and feel the true essence of acceptance and hope by both peers and staff.


Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) provides a higher level of care and attention than can be provided solely in individual and group sessions. IOP at Connections consists of 3 sessions per week of 3 hours per day in the mornings or evenings...


Connections provides substance abuse and mental health individual therapy. Our staff takes a unique approach to individual therapy based on practices that identify and build on the strengths of each individual...

Connections Counseling, LLC is a certified outpatient drug/alcohol and mental health clinic founded by our
director, Shelly Dutch.


Connections Counseling is a unique and strength based clinic focused on creating a safe and supportive environment for young people, families and adults to find a recovery community conducive to hope and healing. The foundation of our
program is based on a model of mentoring and giving back to others. Clients find they are not alone and have found acceptance and support to address their personal struggles and begin the process of healing by moving forward and beginning to trust and work towards finding their passions.

We Specialize in the Treatment of:


Substance Use Disorders


Process Addictions (Gambling, video games, internet, etc.)





Bi-polar disorder

Eating disorders

Anger management

Social phobia

Personality disorders