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Individual Therapy

Connections provides substance abuse and mental health individual therapy. Our staff takes a unique approach to individual therapy based on practices that identify and build on the strengths of each individual. We work to provide best matches of patient needs to our diverse staff.

Intensive Outpatient Counseling

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Connections is a 24 session group that meets 3 sessions per week and 3 hours per session. The IOP format includes addiction education, relapse prevention, recovery speakers, social support, art therapy, meditation, yoga, and experiential activities.

Group Therapy

We have support groups for everyone at Connections Counseling

Connections Counseling offers a variety of groups to meet the needs of all ages, genders, and specific areas of focus. Group duration is typically at least 90 days with options to continue or become a group mentor.

Groups provide positive support ranging from recovery, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring topics. As our clients attend groups, they have opportunities to decrease isolation, increase social connections and feel the true essence of acceptance and hope by both peers and staff.

Special Programs for College Students

Alcohol and marijuana education and harm reduction programs for college students

Connections Counseling offers three intervention and education programs satisfying UW Madison and other sanctions for drug and alcohol related offenses.

Connections Counseling provides services that are approved by UW-Madison and has several on-campus locations. We also offer group therapy for college age students.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Recovery options for narcotic drug abuse

Connections Counseling offers a wide variety of treatment options that can help you or your loved one reclaim their health, their life, and their family. From individual outpatient therapy, to medication assisted therapy, to group therapy with peer mentors and family programs; we can help. The first step is a call to set up an appointment with a primary therapist to mutually establish an appropriate course of treatment.

Opioid Additiction treatment

Family Services

It’s most effective with support

Connections Counseling is committed to helping families recover together. Addiction affects everyone in the family, and we are here to support you in figuring out how to restore healthy family relationships.

Connections Counseling is a state certified outpatient drug/alcohol and mental health clinic founded to provide hope and healing.


Connections Counseling is a unique and strength-based clinic focused on creating a safe and supportive environment for young people, families, and adults to find a recovery community conducive to hope and healing. The foundation of our
program is based on a model of mentoring and giving back to others. Clients are not alone and have found acceptance and support to address their personal struggles, begin the process of healing, and move forward; beginning to trust and work towards finding their passions.

We Specialize in the Treatment of:


Substance Use Disorders


Process Addictions (Gambling, Video Games, Internet, etc.)





Bi-polar Disorder

Eating Disorders

Anger Management

Social Phobia

Personality Disorders