AODA & Mental Health Services

To schedule an appointment for any of these services or for any questions regarding our services, please contact us at (608) 233-2100, extension 10


An individual assessment is provided to all clients in order to appropriately determine level of care and tailor services to the needs of the individual.  We also conduct joint assessments involving parents of adolescents and young adults in coordination with our Family Therapists on staff to provide a comprehensive plan for the individual with support from their family.  We offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of our clients as well as making an effort to match clients to a counselor who can most effectively meet their needs.

Court Evaluations:

Connections Counseling has years of experience providing court ordered evaluations and has a reputable staff to provide quality assessments. We work closely with Dane County to provide individual and group therapy services for Chapter 20/Intoxicated Driver Program/OWI’s as well as Drug Court and TAP participants.

Individual Therapy:

Our staff take an eclectic approach to individual therapy based on evidence based practices utilizing the strengths and of each individual.  We provide substance abuse and mental health treatment.  Our staff is experienced in working with adolescents and adults.  Typically clients are seen initially on a weekly or bimonthly basis with the frequency being adjusted based on personal need.

Group Therapy:

The variety of groups at Connections Counseling allows us to effectively match participants with an individually tailored program.  The social aspects of group increase the participants’ ability to interact with others through the development of “connections” with peers experiencing and recovering from similar issues thereby decreasing isolation and denial.  Groups offer peer feedback as a way to break barriers and increase capacity for recovery.  Expectations for substance use focused groups typically include abstinence for 90 days followed by a recognition ceremony and an opportunity to reach mentor status and attend groups free of charge.

Mental Health Services:

Most of our staff is dually licensed to provide both mental health and substance abuse services.  Specialty areas include anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, anger management, social phobia, eating disorders and trauma as well as women and men’s specific services.  We have a psychologist with addiction specific training as well as two ASAM certified psychiatrists.

Psychiatric Services:

Connections Counseling is proud to provide psychiatric services by board certified medical doctors focused on psychiatry and on addiction medicine.  Our doctors have specific training to address the complexities of medication management applicable to with addictions and related mental health diagnoses.  They regularly collaborate and work closely with counseling staff to provide comprehensive, quality care to each patient.  Medications to reduce cravings for alcohol and opiates (such as Campral, Antabuse, Suboxone, Naltrexone and Vivitrol) may be prescribed for appropriate candidates.

Family Services:

Research indicates successful outcomes of treatment depend on the entire family’s involvement.  Therefore, Connections Counseling provides educational and therapeutic support to families with evidence-based information on the neurochemistry of addiction, developmental stages, and effective parenting styles for teens and young adults.  In addition, Connections Counseling provides counseling services to parents, children, siblings, spouses and any other family member affected by their loved one's addiction and/or mental health illness.  Trying to support someone else's treatment experience is difficult to do alone and we are here to support you in figuring out how to restore healthy family relationships, how to set boundaries and encourage caring for yourself.


Comprehensive interventions are facilitated by two experienced clinicians.  Interventions typically consist of two to three sessions meeting with family and concerned parties prior to the actual intervention. We help families create a plan of action and coordinate services.

Opiate Program:

Connections Counseling offers a comprehensive program for those dealing with opiate abuse or dependence.  The program consists of individual sessions with trained substance abuse counselors, family sessions and an opiate specific therapeutic group along with access to all other groups.  Clients who demonstrate a commitment to their recovery have the option to meet with ASAM certified Psychiatrists to discuss medication options including Suboxone.