Recovery Foundation covered by News3

Channel3000 / Neil Heinen:  MADISON, Wis. - We continue our weeklong promotion of October events with your reminder that next Monday, Oct. 9, is the annual Recovery Foundation Voices for Recovery Luncheon.

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is hard. We do a lot of talking about drug and alcohol problems and we devote a lot of resources — if not enough — to treatment. But the actual, everyday work of recover requires personal commitment and lots of support. And that's the work the Recovery Foundation does.

The Recovery Foundation provides financial assistance for outpatient Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse treatment, public outreach, education and advocacy.  Its work is research-based, supporter by passionate volunteers, and it works.

With partner Connections Counseling, Recovery Foundation is co-sponsoring next week's luncheon, The Power of Mentorship, Together We Recover. It's a big deal. The crowd is diverse and influential in the field, and the stories are powerful and inspirational. You can register at