Brava Magazine Article “The Silent Treatment”

Linda* says, describing the day that she—a successful professional and mother of two—walked haltingly through the doors of a rehab clinic to seek treatment for an addiction to alcohol. She was far from home, literally, and even farther from the safe suburban existence where alcoholism was more associated with the homeless men hanging around the Capitol Square. “You wonder, ‘How did I let myself get to this point?’” she admits.
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InBusiness Magazine article on Shelly Dutch

Article Date: June 21, 2011 Shelly Dutch has come a long way in life, but she’d be the first to tell you she didn’t do it alone. A recovering cocaine addict, Dutch knows better than most the importance of a support system, and so when she started Connections Counseling, an outpatient substance abuse and mental health clinic, in 2003, it was clear that it would be a commitment, not just a business.
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