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Recovery Foundation covered by News3

Channel3000 / Neil Heinen:  MADISON, Wis. - We continue our weeklong promotion of October events with your reminder that next Monday, Oct. 9, is the annual Recovery Foundation Voices for Recovery Luncheon. Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is hard. We do a lot of talking about drug and alcohol problems and we devote a lot of resources — if not enough — to treatment. But the actual, everyday work of recover requires personal commitment and lots of support. And that's the work the Recovery Foundation does. The Recovery Foundation provides financial assistance for outpatient Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse treatment, public outreach, education and advocacy.  Its work is research-based, supporter by passionate volunteers, and it works. With partner Connections Counseling, Recovery Foundation is co-sponsoring next week's luncheon, The Power of Mentorship, Together We Recover. It's a big deal. The crowd is diverse and influential in the field, and the stories are powerful and inspirational. You can register at

MARI arrest diversion program active

Wisconsin State Journal, 9 Oct 2017:  A program in Madison to keep heroin addicts out of jail, and instead find them help, has started to take on its first participants.
The initiative lets Madison police officers refer people committing crimes related to substance abuse to an addiction treatment clinic. The clinic then assesses the person’s needs and determines what type of care could work for them. Early last month, officers began steering participants to the program.
Known as the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative, the program provides assistance in navigating a sometimes difficult process of getting into treatment. It is funded by a $700,000 federal grant and expected to last three years.  More...

Recovery Coach Academy Training offered Sept 7-10

Connections Counseling is bringing the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) model to Dane County as part of a recovery-oriented system of care for individuals and families dealing with substance use disorders.  The training includes core competencies for recovery coaches with additional training on ethics, boundaries, medication assisted-treatment gambling and more.   The training will be offered September 7-10, 2017 at Connections Counseling "Corner" Community Center 5001 University Ave.  Full details in Recovery Coach Training Flyer Further information 608.233.2100 x-17 or  

Connections named as Dane County MARI assessment hub

Dane County Human Services Dept named Connections Counseling as the AODA assessment hub for an innovative program in partnership with the Madison Police Dept and Dane County.  The project is originally funded by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  The program, conceived locally by the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI), a community coalition, and administered by Dane County following a competitive bid process, provides a diversion to treatment instead of legal consequences for suitable low-risk offenders apprehended by Madison Police.  Connections will provide clinical assessments, treatment plans, referrals to treatment agencies and pair individuals referred to the MARI program with peer recovery coaches to help guide individuals through the challenging but rewarding recovery process.

Connections opens Campus/Capitol Location

To improve services to the UW Campus / Capitol area, Connections now has services accessible at a downtown location.  Ask about receiving services at 660 West Washington Ave, STE 308 (corner of Regent and W. Washington).   Services are by appointment only.

Sundance Fundraiser for Horizon High School

Tuesday June 28, 2016.  Attend a special premier of "Being Charlie" to raise funds for Horizon High School, Wisconsin's only recovery high school.
  • 5:00 pm  Reception and silent auction
  • 6:00 pm  Intro & Info about HHS, Wisconsin’s only Recovery High School
  • 6:15 pm   Showing of the film “Being Charlie” directed by Rob Riener
“Being Charlie”, directed by Rob Reiner is a loosely based autobiographical film, co-written by his son, Nick Reiner.  The film is in part based on Nick’s descent with drug addiction and homelessness as a teen.  Charlie is reckless and adrift.  He is a troublesome 18 year old who breaks out of a youth treatment clinic, but when he returns home is given an intervention by his parents and forced to go into adult rehab. Nick Robinson stars as Charlie and Ricardo Chavira as Drake. Sundance Cinemas
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