Connections Counseling Helps Fight Drug Addiction in Wisconsin

After more than two decades of Wisconsin's Opioid crisis, five individuals have chosen to share their recovery stories, offering hope to many others. Within this five part series, hosted by, read about two individuals who Connections Counseling personally helped during their journey to a drug free lifestyle. Read this five part series here.

  • Story One- Drug court, sober scene, Suboxone helped man beat addiction
  • Story Two- Opioids blocked 'mental pain,' but recovery brought woman peace
  • Story Three- Two decades into Wisconsin's opioid crisis, stories of recovery offer hope
  • Story Four - Parted from children due to drugs, woman became sober after grandchild's birth
  • Story Five- Prescription opioids led to overdose, turnaround for transgender man

If you or anyone you know is fighting a drug addiction, please contact Connections Counseling for more information.

Connections Counseling: Changing Lives

When I was first trying to get sober... I remember telling my group at Connections Counseling in Madison that I couldn't imagine a life without music festivals and concerts... they were what I lived for! I loved being social and DANCING... and for me, at that time it also meant being immersed in alcohol and drugs.

My counselor told me that I would dance again and I just needed to take a break from the "scene," for a little while. To me... that was heartbreaking... I couldn't see any other way... I had a clouded view.

Fast forward 8 years later... and look at me?? Pure JOY, completely SOBER, dancing with other women whom I call sisters... in SEDONA?? Seriously... who would have thought?? Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do to get to the other side. We just have to trust the people who have been put in our path to hold the lantern for us so that we can still see the guided path.

A special thank you to Shelly Dutch for holding that lantern for me, and countless other young sisters and brothers trying to figure it out.


-- Emily; Connections Counseling Member

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