Adolescent Program

Connections adolescent program is co-ed for teens ages 13-18 years. It is a lower committment than an intensive
outpatient program (IOP), though it still lends significant support and a place to explore and develop sobriety skills and tools. This program includes Teen group, Adolescent Family Night and Adolescent Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Teens can optionally be involved in less of the available curriculum if they do not require as much support. All three nights are recommended initially. Family night involves the adolescent and family members as addiction affects the whole family. This program lends support and a non-judgmental space to explore sobriety, as well as opportunities to build relationships with other teens going through similar things. Teens are provided with 12-step introduction, relevant speakers and peer mentors as well as opportunities outside the core program for yoga, meditation and art therapy. During this program teens will continue to meet separately for individual counseling with their primary counselor for individual progress and accountability.

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