About Us

5005 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 (on the map below)

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Phone:  (608) 233-2100

Fax:       (608) 233-2101

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We are located at the intersection of Whitney Way and University Avenue in University Place. 

Pull in like you are going to the old Taco Bell (now closed) and then continue to drive back towards the other buildings.  The driveway follows along past Glass Nickel Pizza, 4 Lakes Driving School. and Inner Fire Yoga. 

Our building is the 2-3 story building on the right but you actually drive past the building to reach our parking lot and the front entrance. 

Please make sure you drive around to the front - 2 story glass doors - because this is the only unlocked entrance.



Client Payment/Billing Policy


In order to protect the financial security of our clinic, clients of Connections Counseling are expected to pay for services on the day services are received. 

What this means

Insurance Clients:  All co-pay and deductible amounts will be due on the day services are received.   Coinsurance amounts will become your responsibility after our office receives an explanation of benefits from the insurance company.  These amounts will be billed to you on a monthly basis.   

Self-Pay Clients:  Payment in full will be required on the day services are received.      

Clients with Existing Payment Plan Agreements:  The agreed upon amount will be due on the first service date of each month or by the 15th of the month, whichever comes first.

Responsible Party:  If you are the responsible party for the client’s fees and do not feel comfortable allowing them access to funds, please contact our billing office at (608) 233-2100 ext 14 to make alternate arrangements. 

If you are concerned about your payments, please contact Gretchen Rickey, Office Manager at Connections Counseling at (608) 233-2100 ext 14, to review payment options. 

If payment is not received at the end of 30 days, our counselors will begin discharge planning and make a referral for more appropriate services. 


Billing & Insurance Information and Policies
We are a Dean Healthcare provider for Alcohol and Drug specific services.
A friendly reminder that all clients are ultimately responsible for payment of services performed, however, we do our best to assist in coordinating with insurance.
Billing & Insurance Policies:
  • No show/late cancel policy
  • Copays/Coinsurance
  • Preauthorization
  • Sliding Scale Fee (determined by financial status assessment)